Recipes for Your CSA Box

Sauteed Apples & Cabbage


A nice warm winter slaw to eat on it's own or as a lovely addition to pork or chicken. The sweetness of the apple pairs wonderfully with the tanginess of the vinegar. 


1 Apple, julienned or cut into strips

1/2 red cabbage, chifonnade or cut into strips

1 t Cumin

1/4 t Allspice (ground)

1/2 C vinegar (apple cider, rice or moscatel)

1 T grapeseed or coconut oil

1 T salt


Place large pot over medium heat and coat bottom with oil of choice.


Brown the apples first and then add spices & salt. 


Add red cabbge and stir. 


Add vinegar and reduce head to simmer. 


Season to taste, adding more vinegar if needed.