Owner and Chef

For me, cooking extends past the desire to make and create really good food. It is about wanting to connect people with something greater; to nourish on a level that is conscious and intentional. Whether I am teaching a class or cooking for friends and family, I want people to experience the difference in flavor when eating seasonal food while knowing that they are making a positive impact on the local economy by supporting farmers in the Northwest.

My mission and inspiration to start A Local Palate has been cultivated through a deep and long journey with food. I've worked in some of the finest restaurants in Seattle and also internationally in Mexico. I was the Executive Chef at Bastyr University, where I transformed the kitchen to a mostly organic, thoughtfully produced, sustainable menu that mirrored the curriculum and motto of “Food as Medicine”. 

Growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the abundance of vegetables that grow locally. I am passionate about seasonal produce, empowering people to make conscious choices in sustainable agriculture, and creating delicious meals using the freshest ingredients possible.


Through A Local Palate I strive to bring foods from near and flavors from afar to your doorstep. I am excited at the opportunity to cook for you and your family!