What is a Farm Box?

Updated: May 26, 2020

A lot of you are probably wondering about our Farm Box option.

You might be asking questions like, "what is in it?" or "are there any live animals?"

First off, rest assured there are no live animals in the box. Everything has been grown and produced by the highest ethical and organic standards.

The concept behind the Farm Box is to provide different dishes that highlight the best ingredients that are in peak season from farms all over the Pacific Northwest. You get 12 courses that are ready to heat and serve, giving you about a week's worth of food.

Because of the variety of items grown in the Pacific Northwest, the ingredients that go into Farm Box meals can change every week; which is why there is no set menu and makes it so exciting. It gives me the opportunity to guide your palate through an array vegetables, meats, legumes, spices and other edible bounty that is not only delicious, but healthy and fresh.

This is my favorite option to prepare for our customers because of the richness and ingenuity that goes into each dish. When you order this box it's like you get a DIY food puzzle. It is set up for you to enjoy anyway you want.

However you decide to indulge, there are a couple universal steps each customer experiences along the way.

The Introduction

When you first open your Farm Box, you are greeted with 12 different courses that can't wait to meet your salivary glands. Each option has been carefully curated to satisfy your taste buds.

The beauty of this box is that you don't need to follow a set path. Sure you can choose a salad, then a main entree, followed by a dessert. However, this is your box! You can dive in with a salad and soup and then skip right to dessert!

Depending on how hungry you are or what you are in the mood for, the choice and the decisions on what to eat is entirely up to you! Maybe you want one of the entrees, but your children want the appetizer. You have the ability to make everyone happy as all the meals are healthy, delicious, and ready to be heated and served.

The First Meal

This is it! It's your first meal. Your first bite. Your first taste. But what to choose? There are so many options that it might at first seem overwhelming. Do I go with the Baked Meatballs and Fresh Spinach Pasta or an Asparagus Nettle Frittata? The Farm Box has so many options that you can't go wrong. There is something about being surprised and being able to choose based on your cravings that makes eating fun!

So, what do you go with first?

The Familiar Option

The trusted option. The ol' standby. Some of us want familiarity with food, especially if we are trying a new spot. A dish we know we like can give us the confidence to try a new restaurant or even a new dish. The Farm Box has this-- and the beauty is that you may be trying ingredients from Local Farms that you may have never tasted. So you know that you're going to get a delicious meal with a local twist.

A New Experience

Others like to jump in and try new things. Whether it's something we've tried once or an option that is completely new, the pursuit of variety sparks interest for your mind and palate. The Farm Box contains this too! With the large amount of meals that come in your delivery you are guaranteed to see something that is new. Whether it is a new ingredient, cuisine or flavor, I pride myself on creating new pieces of art and putting them on your plate.

After you have enjoyed your first meal, it's time to start the journey through the box.

The Journey

Throughout the week you will notice yourself feeling more satiated and feeling better while eating the meals from your Farm Box. I focus on providing whole food nutrition to my clients. That means that every box is prepared with using vegetables from root to leaf, giving you all the nutrients the plant has to offer, and the highest quality grass-fed meat.

The Last Meal

The most difficult part of the Farm Box experience. You are officially on the last meal. As you take your first bite you are reminded of the enjoyable culinary journey you've experienced over the past week. However, as you get into your second, third or fourth bite you may start to feel a sadness; a bittersweet feeling that is delicious, yet comes with the realization that you are at the end. Not to fear, another Farm Box is near!

As you finish your Farm Box it is just in time to see our new menus posted on A Local Palate's website. Whether you want to go on another 12-part culinary adventure or just get a meal for your weekend pleasure, ALP's Home Delivery service has you covered.

We look forward to you trying our Farm Box and experiencing the journey for yourself!

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